RSP Part 2, Section 1: Trial Procedure and ADR

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RSP Part 2, Section 1: Trial Procedure and ADR


This section will present an overview of legal dispute resolution concepts. It will briefly summarize American court systems, the litigation process, and alternative dispute resolution systems.


  • Explore the organization of American court systems
  • Discuss the obligations a party to a lawsuit has to the court and the opposing party
  • Explain the process of filing a lawsuit
  • Explore limitations to litigation
  • Explain the various manners that litigation can be terminated
  • Identify different types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Key Concepts

A plaintiff must keep both the court and his opponent apprised of his actions. The court will order evidence be made available to both parties when reasonable. Most lawsuits are settled outside of the courtroom through negotiation. Some cases will not be heard unless the parties have made a reasonable effort to resolve their issues before filing suit.