Welcome to the Settlement Planning Education Center

The Settlement Planning Education Center (“SPEC”) is the online education platform of the Society of Settlement Planners (“SSP”). The SSP is dedicated to educating today’s settlement planning professionals — and SPEC is one of the SSP’s main education channels.

SPEC offers the required courses for the Registered Settlement Planner (“RSP”) designation. Registered Settlement Planners are settlement planning professionals who are uniquely qualified to competently and ethically assist injury victims, claimants and attorneys in resolving their legal and financial claims.

To get started with the RSP courses, please contact Daniel Maxwell at [email protected] 

“The settlement planning profession has needed a reputable, reliable, and independent source for high-level education, training, and professional certification. That source is SPEC. Taking and completing the coursework at SPEC and becoming a member of the Registry of Settlement Planners were well worth the cost of both time and money. The increased respect and regard from clients and the trial attorneys that refer them has been most gratifying. I highly recommend SPEC and the RSP.”
Jack Meligan, RSP, Settlement Professionals, Inc.
“Specialized skills are the key to settlement planning, making the courses at SPEC very valuable to anyone transitioning into the profession. Even as an experienced settlement planner, I benefitted from the SPEC courses. If you are serious about settlement planning, I highly recommend becoming a Registered Settlement Planner.”
Charles Schell, RSP, Forge Consulting LLC